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Tamatanga describes itself as an ‘Urban Indian Canteen’, it’s a restaurant that is in your face. What comes first to my mind is their bright, branding and imagery, a jazzy website and staff kitted out in t-shirts the company logo. Despite all of this they aren’t a chain, which may surprise you as much as it surprised me. Or everyone knew that and my food blogging reputation is in tatters, though I did corroborate my thoughts with work colleagues!  Tamatanga’s menu has plenty to choose from, classic curries are there as well salad bowls, wraps and thalis. It’s big but offers lots of choices to suit everyone. I will say that some of their positive terminology wears a bit thin for me. One section of the menu is headed “lovely curries” and proclaims that they “taste great”. I think their diners should be the judge of that.

As a side / starter I selected Chicken 65, I’m open to correction but I assume it’s not a traditional dish. [I have been corrected! It is an authentic Indian street food]. It looked appealing, golden brown in its cooking with a vivid green coriander dressing. The menu had described it as spicy but I couldn’t detect any semblance of heat, the coating lacking in spicing entirely. It was a decent portion for the money (£4.95) but because it was disappointing and bland I did end up leaving a few pieces.


Chicken 65 - Tamatanga - Nottingham

Chicken 65 – Tamatanga – Nottingham


We had taken advantage of a deal to get a main and a drink for £7.95. There are lots of caveats to this depending on what you choose, mine was £2 more having gone for a beer. Homestyle chicken curry is something I often pick at Indian restaurants, meat cooked initially on the bone (in this instance thigh) tends to have the most flavour. This was no exception, the curry having a good deal of spice and depth as well as the flavourful meat, by far the best part of the meal. I had chosen a naan over rice, it was good but someone had gone a little ott with the ghee.


Homestyle Chicken Curry - Tamatanga - Nottingham

Homestyle Chicken Curry – Tamatanga – Nottingham


My main course was genuinely enjoyable at Tamatanga and whilst the rest of the elements were a little disappointing it is also good value. Outside of the deal the chicken curry would have been £10.25, including a rice or naan. The equivalent at the majority of Nottingham’s Indian restaurants typically will set you back £13-14. Despite these positive points I cannot list this restaurant as one I regularly visit. It really is is mostly because it feels like a chain and a little soulless, with too many attempts made to convince you otherwise. I prefer the style of the other excellent Indian restaurants in Nottingham, and there are plenty.

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Restaurant website: http://www.tamatanga.com/