Rakki Rakkas – Turkish – Nottingham (Sherwood)


Kraft Werks on Mansfield Road is a great choice for beer lovers (although some purists may prefer more on tap than this can and bottle heavy hop shop). The real question after sinking a few is where to eat? Tapas at Barrio or bites at The Bakehouse and Crimson Tree tend not to appeal after several IPAs. In my eyes your choices are Chilli’s (a solid Indian restaurant) or the newer Rakki Rakkas. It’s hard to miss the green neon sign, illuminating the snow on the freezing cold night of my visit. The space is a long rectangular room with a counter at the front, further back its furnished with tables, nice if a little clinical.

It is fair to say the focus of the menu is meat – but you can also get grilled fish or even something a little more saucy. To fit with my theme of post-drinking food it seemed a big plate of kebabs was the only sensible choice. They also have a decent selection of alcohol… though be warned the “draft” beer they offer is a brand is bottled, draft being the brand name rather than method of delivery! We decided on their sharing platter for 2, a combination of 4 of their kebabs alongside salad and rice. Before we to tucked into that a basket of bread arrived alongside some dips. This is always a nice addition and one that seems to be prevalent in Turkish restaurants. It was rather excellent, a flat/pitta bread of some description with crunch and bitterness from its blackened edges.


"Special Platter for 2" - Rakki Rakkas - Nottingham

“Special Platter for 2” – Rakki Rakkas – Nottingham


Our mains then quickly arrived The platter comes with a pretty looking salad that had 3 sections, the best of which a greek style salad (minus the feta). I didn’t think the meat was presented with too much care, the kebabs mixed together atop some fairly plain looking rice. In truth it had more flavour I expected from the juice that had sunk into it. I also liked the addition of roasted peppers that bought some much needed colour as well as sweetness that cut through the meats. Lamb shish was my favourite, the flavour of the char a little deeper. The chicken shish was also good, perhaps slightly overdone but not quite to the point that the chicken was dry. An Adana kebab was also lamb but this time minced like a kofta. The texture worked well but was lacking in spice for my taste – definitely could have done with some chilli to liven it up. The final meat of the platter was lamb and chicken doner. I imagine that needs little introduction as the most famous of the end of evening kebab breeds. I can’t say I have ever taken to it. Whilst it still didn’t float my boat, mainly due to the texture, I did enjoy it and the flavour was better than most I have had.

I don’t think anyone could complain at parting for £12.50 for what I ate at Rakki Rakkas. Vegetarians are also better catered for than you might think with a handful of options but £11 for some falafel didn’t seem to stack up quite competitively. The fact the salad and bread were not an afterthought but of good quality made a big difference to the enjoyment and overall impression. The setting wasn’t quite as attractive as my other recent Turkish visit at The Bosphorus but the food and value was better here. It’s a really good addition to Sherwood too, something a little bit different and continuing to build an attractive place to go for dinner or drinks. I recommend both.


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Restaurant website: https://m.facebook.com/rakkirakkasnottingham/



In other news

As the quality of food and drink on Mansfield Road continues to rise popular café The Bakehouse have recently enhanced their food offering. Rather than just lunch and the odd special evening they will now do food Thus-Sat until 2130.


New Evening Menu - The Bakehouse - Sherwood

New Evening Menu – The Bakehouse – Sherwood