About the reviewer

I’ve now been writing about restaurants for 7 years and eaten at almost 200 restaurants across Nottingham as well as the majority of the country’s best.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions or feedback on the site/reviews please get in touch. Also any suggestions of new restaurants to review are more than welcome.

My scoring system is based on; food, value and service and an average of the three. Generally I value the food element as more important than the others, this is personal preference.

I have been lucky enough to be asked to write articles for Buzzfeed, The Great Food Club and The Great British Cookbook. I have judged a number of food awards including The Nottingham Post Food and Drink Awards, BID Bar and Restaurant Awards and others.

I have appeared on a number of local radio shows and in 2020 will appear on Channel 4 as a judge on a food programme.

Happy reading…and eating



Contact me – alecfrusher@gmail.com and @alecfrusher for Twitter. Please note I generally don’t accept invitations of hospitality.


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