6 of my favourite great value wines


Whatever you’re out to find there’s nothing better than getting your hands on a bargain. Of all the wine I’ve drunk recently I’ve felt these are the best bang for your buck. Value is relative of course so you may not think a few of these are truly cheap but they still punch above their weight. As I mentioned in my first post about wine the challenge is getting people to be a little more adventurous and try something outside of the common options and hopefully this will provide some inspiration.


Romanian Pinot Noir – £6 – Waitrose

Decent Pinot is expensive, Burgundy obviously the most pricey and even from the up-coming New Zealand you’ll pay £10+ for something not particularly special. I picked this bottle up at the last minute to take to a blind tasting and people were pleasantly surprised. It was recognisable as Pinot Noir, perhaps not quite the rounded length compared to better examples but still refined red fruits, a touch of cranberry zing to it.



Picpoul De Pinet  – £ 7.50 – Tesco

This is a classic, easy drinking, white wine from the South of France. It’s got the citrus and crisp apple notes that you always get in light white but substantially more going on than a more simple wine like Pinot Grigo.



Juliénas Beaujolais 2017 – £ 8 – Lidl

Until recently I had never been a fan of Beaujolais. The really light “nouveau” style is still not for me but there is much more too it as wines like this demonstrate. This wine has a little more body but still plenty of lively red fruit character, it will also keep for a few more years unlike some examples of Beaujolais.





Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 – £9 – Tesco

For less than a tenner you will often struggle to get a full bodied red wine from Australia that isn’t just a jammy fruit explosion. This is different, partly due to the age and a good amount of oak. Its got hints of eucalyptus and a smokey complexity that you don’t get with lesser wines, the oak I mentioned taking the edge off the serious body and tannins.



Marc Kent Winemakers Series – £9.74 – Majestic

Ok so this is actually £12.99 unless you’re buying 6 but who buys less than 6 bottles? This is from the wine maker behind the well-known Chocolate Block which will set you back over £20. Majestic commissioned this as a cheaper alternative but its all from the same vineyards so the quality is almost as high. This Syrah blend is full bodied but smoother than the previous Aussie Cabernet with the distinctive peppery warmth of Syrah/Shiraz. Really easy drinking for a full bodied red.



Castelli Martinozzi, Rosso Di Montalcino – £12.99 – Cadman Fine Wine (Online)

At £14.99, unless you buy 6 or more, this is the most expensive wine and for good reason. If you’re not familiar with Montalcino its an area of Sangiovese, Brunello is the special stuff at a minimum of around £30 a bottle too £100+ for Reserva level. Less common is the Rosso which doesn’t spend as long in oak so has a touch more fruit and considerably cheaper though this is probably the lowest priced out there that I’ve seen. Its a beautifully made wine, classic red fruit and cherry that you get with Italian wine and a lengthy refined finish. It would perfectly accompany something like a roast lamb or duck dish for a special occasion.