Buzzfeed articles (links included) have been keeping me busy!

For the first time in 2015 I’m breaking the pattern of publishing a new review every week. What’s slowed me down? Just a few boring things like work and travels. I’ll be back on it soon, bringing you The French Living and Man’s Chinese restaurant.

I’ve also been contributing to other sites, namely the Great Food Club and Buzzfeed.

The Buzzfeed articles have been really enjoyable to write, and I’ve been pleased to promote some of the great places in Nottingham.

17 Things Everyone Has to Eat in Nottingham

15 Things Everyone Must Do in Nottingham

There are also a few new spots which I’ll be trying in the coming weeks, Oaks (a grill just off Maid Marian Way) and Cosmo , a posh world-buffet type. If there is anywhere else you’d like to see me try then just give me a shout