Higoi – Japanese – Nottingham

In quick succession to my recent Manga Sushi visit, I find myself heading to another Japanese restaurant. A group of friends, who went to Nottingham Uni had been in their student days, had memories of this being worth a visit. Higoi sits fully in Lenton student territory just outside the city centre. I’d left the booking up to someone else, and you do need to as I think I could count the amount of tables here on 1 hand pretty ordinary frontage but inside does fit the mould of stereotypical Japanese restaurant, there’s even a table in the window which invites patrons to sit cross legged on the floor.

The menu is quite short, certainly in terms of large dishes your options are limited. That’s primarily an encouragement to order more of the smaller plates and sushi. Like at the aforementioned Manga, I decided to go for sushi to ‘start’ and selected 3 cake sushis. I hadn’t heard that terminology before, but the name was apt as they arrived looking rather pretty indeed. I’d gone for prawn, salmon and examples and they were all very good. The delicate, sweet seafood was perfectly fresh, probably the best sushi I’ve had in Nottingham.

Cake Sushi - Higoi - Nottingham

Cake Sushi – Higoi – Nottingham

For the main course I went for a special ‘tea rice’ meal…I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but always interested in something different! These sort of decisions can go one way or the other and on this occasion I don’t think I made the wisest choice. A bowl of mildly flavoured rice with tempura prawns was delivered with a teapot of miso-y liquid. Instructions were just to pour over the soup/tea and enjoy, this confuses me as the tempura will lose its lovely crispness. I ended up going my own way and picked out the crustaceans to enjoy separately. I was happy with my choice as they were excellent on their own, the prawns plump and juicy, the tempura batter light and crisp. After that the dish failed to deliver really, the mild rice met the mild liquor and there was really little excitement to be had.

Tea Rice - Higoi - Nottingham

Tea Rice – Higoi – Nottingham

It might be a little generous to put the main course down as a bad choice and give it a solid rating but the charm of the place lets me do that. I was impressed with a lot of the meal, prices were reasonable and certainly no more than similar venues, my sushi was £6, the tea rice £12. With real quality in parts I would certainly return again to try more of the menu. And hopefully make a better choice.


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Restaurant website: http://www.higoi.co.uk/our_menu.html