Fellows, Morton & Clayton – Pub (Sunday Roast) – Nottingham

The latest leg of my Sunday lunch journey had been a disappointing though relatively high cost  at The Roundhouse. Getting back on the horse I popped down to the canal side a couple of weeks ago to Fellows Morton & Clayton.

Early omens didn’t have me expecting a stellar lunch, a quiet pub with the football on doesn’t suggest a quality roast. We went straight for the beef, deciding on this occasion that dessert rather than starter was the order of the day. It wasn’t too long for the food to arrive, probably helped by the fact we were about 50% of the eating population of the pub.

Sadly the most striking thing about the plate was a giant coil of mash. I say sadly because I don’t like mash and it bore a resemblance to other, browner, things. Having tucked in though I was pleasantly surprised with what was on offer. The beef was the star, as well it should be. I could always have it pinker but the meat was very tender, the best I’ve had for a while. I was pretty pleased with my Yorkshire pudding too, though my dining partner felt it was overdone for her taste. Accompanying vegetables were ok, they didn’t suffer from overcooking but were nothing special.


Sunday Roast - Fellows Morton & Clayton - Nottingham

Sunday Roast – Fellows Morton & Clayton – Nottingham


Sticky toffee pudding was too tempting a dessert option to turn down. We were content with sharing as it was a happily generous portion, I’d gone for ice cream over custard which tends to be a dessert preference. The tuiles didn’t add too much, maybe a bit of texture but mostly amusing presentation once again I felt. The cake was nice and light, one or two more dates in the sponge could have enhanced it. Copious toffee sauce was good too, could have been a touch thicker, few complaints though with this dessert.


Sticky Toffee Pudding - Fellows Morton & Clayton - Nottingham

Sticky Toffee Pudding – Fellows Morton & Clayton – Nottingham


I ended up much happier than I imagined when we entered Fellows Morton & Clayton. The cost too was pretty reasonable; the roast was £9, pudding £4.50. Both were substantial so I couldn’t argue about the value, things could have been a little more polished but it stands up well against the other roasts in Nottingham.


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Restaurant website: http://www.fellowsmortonandclayton.co.uk/