Suede Bar – Pizza – Nottingham – Review by Sarah

Heathcoat Street forms part of the network of roads around Broadway where the creatives of Nottingham like to congregate of an evening or weekend. Suede Bar is a relatively recent addition and after something of a false start it is now fully open. For those with long memories, it’s not unlike BRB Stone once was on Thurland Street: dark grey and wooden interior, ironic (or not) TV (Naked Gun, Wacky Races, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), cool beats, beer, cocktails and pizza.

Let’s go with the good stuff first. Antonio, one of the two chaps who started and run Suede, knows a thing or two about pizza. His father also sells pizza and makes his own dough, and this means that all Suede pizzas are assembled on freshly made bases. The bar has a stone pizza oven and Antonio told me that they are hoping, once they have a sustainable turnover, to invest in a wood fired oven.

Fries, Sausage & Paprika

Fries, Sausage & Paprika – pic from Suede’s Facebook page

The menu provides eight pizzas and a choose your own toppings option, as well as four mezzalunas (think sandwich-pizza) and a handful of starter / munchies options. Antonio had remembered from the last time I went in that I am a massive fan of anchovies, and he had some in, which is the kind of attention to your customers that really helps a place generate a loyal clientele.

The pizzas took a while to arrive, as the oven is a two-at-a-time operation – this might be worth bearing in mind if you are thinking of going as a group. My friend went for mezzaluna nove (£6), which was filled with pesto, chorizo and mozzarella and had a baby leaf salad accompaniment. The mezzaluna was the size of a taco, with the dough thicker than the standard pizza base. We could see the pizzas being prepared as the kitchen opens onto the bar, and there were no worries about hygiene where the food preparation was concerned.

Picture from Suede's Facebook Page

The Sette – pic from Suede’s Facebook page

My anchovy and red onion pizza’s (£8) base was at that fine point between crispy and slightly bouncy. The oven at Suede is not hot enough to do a blistery thin base as pointed out above but the dough itself had genuine freshness and served as a good balance to the anchovies on top, although the requested red onions were nowhere to be seen.  I’ve had several pizzas at Suede and they have been very consistent, although I have not ventured off-piste to any of the slightly wackier creations (on the night we were there, one of the oft-appearing new inventions had crispy duck, mushy peas, stilton and mint sauce) (just say no).

Overall  = 7.5/10

Pizza rating = 7.5/10

Value for money = 7/10

Service = 7/10