Updates, the ‘to do’ list and Deliveroo

As Nottingham’s restaurant openings have slowed down after a busy 2015 to date, so have my updates. A combination of a new flat and associated deliveries has rendered my typing infrequent. A couple of barren weeks lie ahead too as a trip to Copenhagen & a wedding monopolise my weekends. I’ll do my best to furnish you with foodie updates. One thing I did have to do was a long-overdue update on my full list of Nottingham reviews, there are now 77 in total entries in and around the city. Of these 77 the highest new entries were:

The Clock House – 8.5

Baresca – 8

Oaks – 8

Yamas – 8 (upgraded from 7.5)


Iberian Pork Cheek and Morcilla Sausage - Baresca - Nottingham

Iberian Pork Cheek and Morcilla Sausage – Baresca – Nottingham


So where next if new openings aren’t as regular? There are still lots of places to try, and one of the things I am conscious of is to venture out of the city a bit more. My current to do list includes:

  • Yumacha – causal oriental dining in West Bridgford
  • Adams, NCN – New College Nottingham’s dining experience with trainee chefs
  • Lime – highly rated Indian restaurant near Nutall
  • Reno’s – still trying to find a good independent Italian restaurant!
  • Ania – hearty Polish food in Sherwood

If you have any suggestions of great places I have yet to visit I’d be happy to hear!



One of the recent developments for Nottingham has been the new Deliveroo service. Essentially they deliver food from well-known restaurants and chains rather than the cheaper options you usually get on Just Eat etc. Last week I gave them a first go, choosing Pan Asia BBQ. Pricing is pretty much at restaurant level so don’t expect your night in to be appreciably cheaper than heading into the city yourself. The website/booking is pretty smooth and easy and the food arrived at the estimated time. The young guy on a bike was really polite, I had to chat to him for a bit as my flat is a nightmare to find! Kimchi pancakes had suffered slightly in the journey and were a little less crispy, though a mixed starter was good…the highlight some chicken kebabs. Now I hadn’t quite thought through some of my choices for the food. A main course that was ramen in style didn’t translate that well to home takeaway, though the flavour of the kimchi beef pot was excellent as usual. A couple of teriyaki dishes could have had a little more sauce and moisture but were flavourful and filling. I’d have no complaints in using the service again but for me its just as tempting to get the full experience and visit the restaurants that they partner with.


Kimchi tofu beef pot if you eat iin at Pan Asia BBQ

Kimchi tofu beef pot if you eat in at Pan Asia BBQ