Nottingham Fast Food – Noodles and Piri Piri

Having worked late I often, lazily, pick up some food on the way home. I thought I would give my thoughts on some fast-food hot spots in Nottingham. I’m not talking the big names or kebab shops at the bottom end of the fast food spectrum, for something a little more interesting I travelled to 2 noodle bars and a piri piri chicken purveyor. All provided the fast element with a quick turnaround so I have just measured food and value.


YoYo Noodle (Angel Row)

You know what they say about first impressions. I entered a dark, empty aside from staff, space. They have stationed their woks in the window which gives a little theatre to proceedings when walking past. Yo-yo employ a subway approach to their offering, a counter displaying all ingredients which you can mix and match as you see fit. I noted while choosing that for some reason they had decided to keep their eggs in the glass-fronted drinks fridge.

The Noodle Counter at YoYo - Nottingham

The Noodle Counter at YoYo – Nottingham

Tokyo Classic - YoYo - Nottingham

Tokyo Classic – YoYo – Nottingham

They do have some pre-selected options and I went for a “Tokyo Classic” with chicken and teriyaki sauce. The noodles, which I had seen removed from their packet and replenished before my eyes, were of ok quality but a little on the stodgy side. Chicken was average; having been pre-cooked and reheated it wasn’t blessed with much moisture. The price for a large box was £5.90 although it can be more or less depending on your choices. The amount was big enough to satisfy me although I felt a little short changed on some of the higher tariff items I’d asked for, i.e. the chicken, mushrooms.

Food: 5

Value : 6




Wok & Go (Pelham Street)

Further toward the lace market and opposite Cape sits Wok & Go. Like Yo-yo it is a reasonably sized chain, the majority of which are franchises. Inside you’re greeted by a rather clinical tiled floor and Spartan wooden benches. The menu is more of a fixed affair with mixed meats and differing sauces. I favour a “Hot Box” that is difficult to describe the exact flavour profile. If pushed somewhere between lots of chilli, soy and teriyaki, the box living up to its hot epithet.

Hot Box - Wok & Go - Nottingham

Hot Box – Wok & Go – Nottingham

The meat itself was pretty good, the Hong Kong pork’s sweetness bringing that extra little dimension the noodles too just seemed that bit better quality than elsewhere. At £6.70 for a large box it isn’t the cheapest option but by god they pack the noodles in. I defy anyone to not come away full. There is also a well advertised 2-4-1 Tuesday deal on large boxes which makes it excellent value.

Food: 7.5

Value: 7 (9 on a Tuesday!)




Roosters Piri Piri (Angel Row)

Now I may upset Nando’s fans here, and I know there are a lot.

Roosters, in my opinion, has better chicken (and is cheaper!) than the high street favourite. A grilled chicken burger on its own at Nando’s is £6, at Roosters you get fries and a drink for the same price. The chicken itself can come in similar levels of spice, from lemon and herb to extra hot. The marinate really gets in amongst it, the black char of the grill adding flavour.

Piri Piri Burger - Roosters - Nottingham

Piri Piri Burger – Roosters – Nottingham

Chips are good with some piri piri seasoning making it a really good all-round offering. The wider menu compares to the competition too, wraps, ½ chicken etc. What it can’t compete with Nando’s on is the environment. If you want to eat in it isn’t all that comfortable or the best place to while away an afternoon.

Food: 8

Value: 8