Taco Bell – Fast Food – Nottingham

Yes Taco Bell is in the UK, yes it is in Nottingham. When I have mentioned this people tend to be more interested than is usual for a fast food emporium. Its brand has existed to the UK public through various American TV programmes and popular culture which enhances the level of intrigue. The perception of that brand though is not necessarily associated with quality, a friend labelled it “Tacky Bell” before we’d visited.

Its arrival in Nottingham has added to the fast food funnel that is Angel Row. Just off the market square; it joins, McDonalds, Maryland, Roosters and the slightly more dubious Mega Munch. Inside it seems quite a nice environment for the level of style of food, though I suspect the simple fact that it is new has a lot to do with it.


Double Decker Taco - Taco Bell - Nottingham

Double Decker Taco – Taco Bell – Nottingham


The colourful panels above the tills display the menu, Taco’s dominate of course but burritos are the other main item. I decided upon a double decker beef taco (£1.50) in addition to a volcano burrito meal (£5). Distinctly average could describe the tasteless taco, lacking general filling but the meat itself had precious little seasoning. In stark contrast the burrito was full of flavour, and full of heat. Big chains can often tone down the spice to appeal to the mass market but not here. The only thing it lacked was a little veg within its sofa tortilla shell, but it was a satisfying parcel. Fries were nice, nothing special outside of the stock effort of other fast food chains. Churros that came with a friends meal were surprisingly good if you fancy something sweet on the side.


Volcano Burrito Meal - Taco Bell - Nottingham

Volcano Burrito Meal – Taco Bell – Nottingham


I have heard some grumblings at the length of waiting time at Taco Bell but on my visit I had no complaints. The likes of Tortilla do have a better Burritos but at £2/3 more expensive (not including chips and a drink) I feel I’d actually be more likely to visit Taco Bell. Just don’t actually order a Taco.


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Restaurant website: http://www.tacobelluk.co.uk/