Malt Cross – Pub – Nottingham

The Malt Cross is a lovely setting, whether enjoying a drink, taking in some live music or coming to their Monday quiz night. The traditional features of a Victorian music hall have been maintained, an attractive balcony area providing extra seating upstairs.

They have recently overhauled the menu and the theme has moved to smokehouse, following the popularity of restaurants like Red’s, Rub and Jim’s. Pulled chicken & pork as well as brisket are the main options on that front, I fancied a burger though. There is one choice on the burger front goats cheese and caramelised onions, as well as usual salad paraphernalia. I opted to ask for the removal of the cheese, I don’t mind it but can often be a little strong.

The burger arrived in good time, as in traditional these days plates were dispensed with and it sat atop a wooden board. For your money (£8) you get fries and slaw. The beef was pretty good, a chunky enough patty that was both well cooked and with good flavour. The chutney worked ok but I always like the burger to be prominent, with this combination I couldn’t help but want to taste it more.  Fries were nice, crispy and the skin that was left on provided an extra flavour and texture. The slaw was ok, a little stingy though with barely a couple of proper mouthfuls in the little pot.


Burger - Malt Cross - Nottingham

Burger – Malt Cross – Nottingham


The usual burger spots in town are busy and frantic, think of those new BBQ restaurants and Annie’s. The Malt Cross is a more sedate setting, somewhere you can pop in and get a table without a reservation. I enjoyed the meal here, I thought they were utilising good quality ingredients which makes a difference. I’d have liked a couple of burger options rather than the sole goats cheese version, but you’d struggle to complain about what was produced. They recently enhanced their menu too and now have a wider range of vegetarian options which is great.


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