Bar Burrito & Tortilla – Mexican Fast Food – Nottingham

Post best-man duties, and whilst the new Mr and Mrs Williams are making me jealous by honeymooning in Tokyo, I am back on the blogging. No sooner had I started writing this piece about Mexican fast food than Taco Bell had announced they’re coming to the city. Typical. Whilst the American chain is firmly at the budget end of the market, current options are Bar Burrito and the newer Tortilla. They follow a very similar concept, their chief product being a make-your-own burrito where you can select what you want in it Subway-style. A choice of meat, beans, salsa is folded for you into a neat parcel, ideally. The last Bar Burrito I had was actually a takeaway and had shredded chicken as the main constituent. A pretty solid effort, fully packed and well wrapped. If you go for the hottest salsa it has a real punch too. At £6 its not a bad price though it’s always galling to pay the little extras…75p for guacamole for example.


Burrito - Bar Burrito - Nottingham

Chicken Burrito – Bar Burrito – Nottingham


Tortilla comes in at a similar price so the outlets sit in direct competition. It was early days for them on my visit and a keen line of employees awaited. I fancied steak on this occasion so chose that with the “standard” combination of accompanying rice, beans & vegetables. Sadly I got a trainee folder as the wrapping of the burrito was a bit of a disaster. I tried to adjust it but only made matters worse! The filling didn’t really redeem things either, the steak was more slow-cooked than flash fried and didn’t retain the texture you’d want it to. Flavour was hard to come by, the bland rice dominating so I regularly reached for the hot sauce to supplement the experience.


Steak Burrito - Tortilla - Nottingham

Steak Burrito – Tortilla – Nottingham


Will both restaurants fill you up with a large burrito for £6? Most people will be satisfied, yes. If I have £6 to spend on some fast food though I would choose Roosters every time, for value and taste it gets my business most of the time.


Bar Burrito:

Food – 7

Value – 7.5

Service – 7

Overall – 7



Food – 5.5

Value – 7.5

Service – 6

Overall – 6