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Anoki shares the same opulent style as its premium competitor, Memsaab. Though they sit at different ends of the city, both restaurants offer a fine dining slant on Indian food. The little touches they get right from the start, poppadums are delivered for free. The menu itself though doesn’t deviate too far from the normal fare you see at most Indian restaurants. A lamb chop starter was generous enough and well cooked, I would favour a tinge of pink on the meat if I were being picky. I wanted more aggressive spicing too, the chops warm and fragrant but lacking a little punch.


Lamb Chops - Anoki - Nottingham

Lamb Chops – Anoki – Nottingham


For main course I went for a king prawn karahi, at a less plush venue I might not choose a prawn dish but was hoping Anoki could deliver. As the dish arrived I momentarily wondered if I had ordered something vegetarian by mistake. After hunting around for a few seconds I managed to discover several prawns, though much smaller (and maybe fewer) than expected. The curry itself you couldn’t particularly fault, nicely balanced and a good level of heat there but not overpowering the prawns. A peshwari naan could have been excellent but it was a little undercooked and as a result was a little doughy and heavy.


Prawn Karahi - Anoki - Nottingham

Prawn Karahi – Anoki – Nottingham


There is clearly some skill on show at Anoki but the odd disappointment meant it was far from perfect. The service too is good, well-paced, attentive and considerate. The crux of the evening though was the price. Having visited their website I’ve discovered they don’t list prices, I can see why. My prawn curry, without rice, gives you almost no change from £20. An equivalent prawn dish at Memsaab is cheaper and includes rice. In fact I was recently in Mayfair at a Michelin starred Indian restaurant, their tiger prawn curry was only £2 more expensive. The dish I ate just didn’t justify this price. For that £25 (roughly inc. rice) for the main course you can have:


  • 3 course Sunday lunch at Harts
  • 2/3rds of an Oscar and Rosie’s metre long pizza
  • 2 express menu’s from Iberico (Almost, they’re £12.95)
  • More than 10 dishes from the Yamas lunch menu
  • 2 copies of Rick Stein’s India (at time of writing on Amazon)
  • 3 lamb biryani’s at the nearby Desi Downtown


Have I laboured my point? Almost certainly. There is nothing worse though than having a perfectly decent meal ruined by a hefty bill. Lamb chops, prawn curry, 1 shared rice, 1 shared naan and a beer set me back £40. That will be the abiding memory of Anoki for me.



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