La Capanna – Italian – Nottingham

La Capanna literally means the hut and there is a link there it’s relatively small in size and quite dark. It reminded me more of a grandparents house, the thermostat was a few degrees too high for me and the walls were almost entirely covered with art of no particular theme. It sits on the strip of Mansfield Road in Sherwood that is home to a number of restaurants, Ania and Ginza amongst the better ones.

The menu is exactly what you would expect from a small-time Italian restaurant, slightly too large but with all the classics. We decided to share a starter of bruschetta, hopefully a fresh few mouthfuls on a warm evening. What arrived was far from that vibrant vision we had in mind. Instead some garlic bread (that was suspiciously similar to the baguettes you get from supermarkets) had been scattered with some warm flavourless tomatoes. Needless to say it was a let-down.


Bruschetta - La Capanna - Nottingham

Bruschetta – La Capanna – Nottingham


I opted for THE classic for main course, spaghetti bolognaise. I was glad to see it the bolognaise wasn’t just pooled on top of the pasta, mixed in is the Italian way.  Part of the problem with this dish is that everyone has personal preference, bacon, carrot, mushroom –  I have seen so many versions over the years. This one was nice if unremarkable, the spaghetti could have been a little more al dente. The sauce similarly passable, I didn’t get the sense that it had seen a slow simmer in red wine the colour rusty not ruby. The portion size for £7.95 couldn’t be questioned, I didn’t manage to clear my plate.


Spaghetti Bolognaise - La Capanna - Nottingham

Spaghetti Bolognaise – La Capanna – Nottingham


Despite my full stomach a favourite dessert of mine is tiramisu, I decided I could force some down. I can’t say it looked the part but looks can be deceiving. This for comfortably the dish of the meal for me. Again personal preference may have affected this, I like it wet and this had plenty of cream, coffee and booze. Thankfully the pointless drizzles of chocolate sauce that restaurants insist on didn’t detract from the core flavours of the dessert.


Tiramisu - La Capanna - Nottingham

Tiramisu – La Capanna – Nottingham


Sadly a tiramisu doesn’t not a meal make. The soundtrack for the evening was the owner singing along to some Italian tunes, charming but when it was the most noteworthy thing about our visit it is a sad indictment of the food.


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Good Italian restaurants seem to me to be hard to find, my previous attempts to discover one have come up short…but I need to visit more!


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