Kaspas – Desserts – Nottingham

The closing months of 2016 bought the dessert restaurant to Nottingham with the opening of both Heavenly Desserts and Kaspas. These growing chains hit my radar, but being a savoury man they hadn’t tempted me enough to fit in a visit. The opportunity arose as I was fortunate enough to host one of the “It’s in Nottingham” Moving Feasts –  an exciting opportunity to eat starter, main and dessert at different restaurants across the city. Alongside my lack of a sweet tooth the gaudy exterior and gaggles of college children had also put me off. Going on a weekday night avoided this but I imagine during the day at the weekend might be a challenge. The menu is much bigger than I imagined, though much of this is variations on a theme Many waffles, crepes, sundaes and milkshake options dominate the menu and the range is quite good from fresh and fruity to chocolate indulgences.

My tactic was to test them by ordering something a little more taxing than frying off some batter. They had a pleasing number of classics to choose from such as sticky toffee pudding and apple crumble. (I was less convinced by their listing of bubblegum gateaux, quite what is wrong with black forest I don’t know). On the rare occasion I go for dessert, one of my favourites is pecan pie. I was pleased to see it on the menu at a reasonable £2.95 including cream of your choice. The service did seem slow though I was with a big party of 12 with lots of waffles to freshly cook so I can forgive them for that. The first thing I thought when my pie arrived was that it was a pretty generous 2 scoops of ice-cream, though the token drizzle of syrup detracted from the aesthetic. I was struggling to find much fault in the taste though. The pastry was good, the treacly warm filling had plenty of flavour and the nuts bought a welcome extra texture.


Pecan Pie - Kaspas - Nottingham

Pecan Pie – Kaspas – Nottingham


I also got the opportunity to try one of the hefty waffles (ranging from £5-7 depending on toppings). I was pleasantly surprised at how light they were and the quality of strawberry I had was good, which was welcome as these can so often be tasteless.. I did have a chat to the manager of this branch who confirmed that whilst crepes and waffles are made onsite the cakes are made centrally and the shipped to each Kaspas. That isn’t something that bothers me personally, especially if the quality is high as it was here.


Banoffee & Nutella Waffle - Kaspas - Nottingham

Banoffee & Nutella Waffle – Kaspas – Nottingham


Kaspas exceeded my expectations and certainly seemed good value, particularly my pecan pie. Their offering also extends to a counter groaning with different flavours of ice cream. I might not end up as a regular customer myself but I can see that dessert establishments do have a place amongst the restaurants of the city. That might be partly down to some lacklustre offerings from others but most of their trade is likely the younger market who need their fill of sugar. That said those adults who do visit might be transported back to their ice-cream filled childhoods.


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Restaurant website: http://kaspas.co.uk/location/nottingham/