Warsaw Diner – Breakfasts – Nottingham


If you hadn’t seen on Twitter I have recently moved which explains the lack of blogging. My new location means some new restaurants North of Nottingham will be on the agenda soon. If anyone has any recommendations near Arnold then let me know…

One of my last excursions from my old flat was a hungover stroll to find morning-after-the-night-before sustenance. The first port of call was the excellent Toast but our stomach’s voted that the potential 15 minute wait was unacceptable. At that end of town the alternatives are limited, that was until I remembered tales of giant plates of food at Warsaw Diner. A diner it certainly is with the American style chrome and prominent counter and booths. The Warsaw name comes from the addition of Polish influence to the menu though I struggled to really see how any of the options adopted this.

I chose the biggest breakfast, only fair to get a view of as many items as possible of course. The “bad ass breakfast” was home to 2 American style pancakes, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, 2 eggs (of your choice), 2 hash browns and mushrooms. With a glass of orange juice and unlimited tea or coffee it cost me £7.95 for a whole lot of food. Whilst we waited I admired the skills of the lady manning the hotplate. Presumably years of honing her technique meant she was at one with ingredients and utensils alike, the efficiency of egg, bacon and hash brown making must be unparalleled.


Breakfast at Warsaw Diner - Nottingham

Breakfast at Warsaw Diner – Nottingham


It was prime-time for the full diner and it did feel like there was a little wait before everything arrived, maybe down to our hunger levels more than reality. My critical facets weren’t compromised though. Bacon is a tricky one – so much down to personal preference and I think cafes should establish a steak-like system. I don’t like crispy, well done bacon… I like it floppy and pink (Sorry). The quality seemed passable though, along with the sausage which I was happy enough with. It’s equally difficult to say much about the mushrooms but the eggs were good with deeply coloured runny yolks. The final items were the main bulk of the breakfast. Pancakes were supplied with maple syrup and had been well cooked, remaining quite light. As much as a thick circle of batter can anyway. “Hash browns” usually strike fears of the triangular frozen variety but in fact these were freshly made potato rostis which were far superior to their frozen cousins (both rosti and rostis are acceptable plurals for the pedants of the internet).

It certainly hit the spot for what I was after. If you want some refinement or some avocado then go elsewhere. For a good feed at a price that is unlikely to be bettered for the quality then I’m not sure there is going to be anywhere better.


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Restaurant website: http://www.warsawdiner.co.uk/