Oscar and Rosie’s / Das Kino – Pizza – Nottingham

**Oscar and Rosie’s has now moved to it’s own premises on Thurland Street. Louis Louis is now resident within Das Kino

Are you a table tennis player? Don’t visit Das Kino. Do you like a pizza? Give Oscar and Rosie’s a go.

Das Kino - Nottingham

Das Kino – Nottingham

The venue, formerly Escucha, is split between a bar/table tennis area (Das Kino) and a pizza restaurant (Oscar and Rosie’s) Myself and a friends attempt to play table tennis at the back of the bar was fraught with danger. Seemingly unlimited balls roll around the floor waiting for you to step on. This, coupled with the darkness and little room for manoeuvre, isn’t a great start. To round things off you’ve probably had a couple of beers to add further hazard.

Table Tennis - Das Kino - Nottingham

Table Tennis – Das Kino – Nottingham

Sporting endeavours aside I’ve visited Das Kino a couple of times and finally got around to sampling pizzas in the Oscar and Rosie’s section. There are only 2 size choices; a 14” option comes in at £14, with 1 metre setting you back £38. It’s too complicated to work out the relative value there with metric vs imperial, if anyone knows feel free to write in. As 7 of us had ventured down we chose 2 meters’ worth of pizza between our party and we each chipped in £12.

When the giant pizza board gets paraded through the restaurant you can feel the food envy from fellow diners and drinkers, I like that. Our meaty pizza came first; the half of bbq chicken, mushroom and bacon were the slices of the night. Big chunks of chicken were the main winner, on pizza it can often by dry and meagre rations, but not here. Pepperoni, bacon and peppered pork was aptly named “Meat Sweats”. It mostly delivered on that promise but the main disappointment was that the pepperoni didn’t feel as if it was of any higher quality than one of those mass market Huts.

Our meaty metre - Oscar and Rosie's

Our meaty metre – Oscar and Rosie’s

The second metre, sadly unpictured due to our group’s swift demolishment, was a veggie exclusive. Probably the most interesting pizza of the night was “The Frenchman”, you may think garlic, brie camembert. Beetroot, goat’s cheese and pesto. Aside from the baffling name the balance wasn’t quite right with too much goat’s cheese overpowering other flavours. As a tried and tested combo though, when you did get a chunk of beet it worked well. A Mediterranean vegetable, “Tyrannosaurus Veg” was bursting with pepper, courgette, red onion and artichoke with a little ricotta cheese. Nothing to fault. The bases throughout were just right for me, thin and crisp without falling apart.

There aren’t a huge amount of different combinations to try but sticking to the classics has served it well. I’ve had some disappointing pizza at Pilot since my initial visit and would definitely recommend Oscar and Rosie’s as the best one I’ve had for a while. I’ll even forgive the names of the pizzas.


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Restaurant website: http://www.oscarandrosies.com/