Inferno – Pizza – Nottingham

Inferno arrived on the Nottingham restaurant landscape at the same time as the new Victoria Centre and as such has flown a little under the radar. It occupies a unit opposite the clock entrance of the shopping centre between TK Maxx and PC World. The restaurant has an industrial feel, high ceilings, concrete and brushed steeling dominating the space.

Their ‘thing’ (everyone needs a ‘thing’ these days) is the speed and temperature at which they cook, 180 seconds in their oven is enough. Despite this claim the ability to create your own pizza slows down their subway-like production line a little. I actually picked an off the shelf number that had a suitably annoying name, as is the trend with these 1-item restaurants. I’ll spare you that name but it was a porky BBQ number that arrived in good time looking rather nice.

BBQ Pork Pizza - Inferno - Nottingham

BBQ Pork Pizza – Inferno – Nottingham

As I sat down to eat I also took the opportunity to sample a couple of their sauces; a spicy tomato was nice but the star was an all too morish garlic and herb dip. The pizza itself was nicely crispy, few complaints about the thin base and tangy BBQ sauce, though many prefer tomato I enjoy the sweetness of the BBQ. Pre-cooked onions had been slowly roasted and were a tasty pairing with the pork. They don’t offer any starters or desserts but a side salad or coleslaw is available. For £6.95 for an 11″ pizza it was hard to argue with what Inferno has on offer. I didn’t enjoy my experience quite as much as the excellent pizza venue Oscar and Rosies’s but when Italian chain equivalents set you back £10+ for their pizza the value here means I’m likely to return.

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