Griddle and Shake – Burgers – Nottingham

The man behind the excellent Clockhouse at Upton decided to turn his focus from fine dining to fast food. His leafy suburban location has also been traded for a city centre spot in the Lace Market. Bright orange colours and a showbiz bulb sign are the shop window of this large unit, its spacious and well fitted out with plenty of youthful staff trying to make themselves look busy.


Griddle & Shake - Nottingham

Griddle & Shake – Nottingham


The concept is somewhere between Five Guys and Inferno, burgers meets Subway some might say. You pick from beef, pulled pork, chicken or vegetarian and add hot extras like cheese and bacon. Then hit the counter where there are lots of additions to pick from. My beef burger stuck to some of the traditional items; gerkins, tomato, sautéed onions. Alongside the main event I ordered some fries, fried onions and an excellent bottle of Brewdog Vagabond.

It didn’t take too long for the items to arrive, firstly I dived into the pile of crispy onions. Great when paired with the beer, I could easily enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying both of these. They could have done with a touch more substance though, at times you might as well have just been eating batter. My chips were the main disappointment of the evening, I am quite the fan of a dry chip, the crispier the better usually, but these were a struggle. The burger itself actually couldn’t really to be faulted, good meat which was well-seasoned and the added items from the counter were of good quality.


Burger & Fries - Griddle & Shake - Nottingham

Burger & Fries – Griddle & Shake – Nottingham


Now this doesn’t come cheap, a regular cheese burger comes in at £5.50 with chips £2.50 further, a meal deal setting you back £9.50. On that front it compares quite directly to Five Guys who are equally keenly priced. So if I had to suggest where you should go? Well Griddle and Shake has slightly more going for it, it’s nicer inside, you can get a bottle of Brewdog beer and I probably had a better burger. It is also an independent venture, which matters to me but maybe not to everyone. And Five Guys? Well their Cajun Fries are possibly worth a visit just for those, and they certainly outshine ones from Griddle and Shake. If the team here upgrade those then they should be onto a winner. On my visit what the staff lacked in experience they made up for in enthusiasm, I imagine this will also improve.


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