Burra-Khana – Nottingham – Indian


I hadn’t written about anywhere in a while despite a interesting trip to Burgundy and some pretty decent local meals. Despite being busier than ever with work, a new wine qualification and selling my house I felt compelled to tinkle these keys once more after a visit to Burra-Khana. You’ll soon see why. Its in Red Dog Saloon that is now split in half to accommodate this new concept from the owner. Aside from a few simple embellishments the decor didn’t seem to have changed much, though the loud Indian music firmly puts you in Kolkata rather than Kansas City. The original press mentioned it being an Indian Barbecue and whilst the menu did have a few grills there initially appeared little to differentiate it from other Indian restaurants. There were only a couple of curries and generally it was quite a bit smaller than most which is at least good for those of us who struggle to make menu decisions. I decided on a couple of their smaller plates, chiefly so I could get some Momos (Indian dumplings).


“Chutneys” – Burra-Khana – Nottingham


One of our party ordered poppadoms, usually not worth a mention but a talking point this evening. They had a strange starchy texture that left a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste, the first time I’ve encountered an Indian restaurant managing to get this wrong. Not only that but amongst the three accompaniments were some inedibley large, hard chunks of lime pickle and a pot of mango lassi. Baffling. The arrival of my Momos (£6.50) did little to cheer us, initially they looked promising but on closer inspection their bottoms were soggy, doughy and falling apart. Perhaps because of this the flavour was extremely muted and disappointing. A good chutney provided some taste and excitement at least. My second dish was Pao Bhaji, essentially a vegetable curry with a couple of little buns. It was pleasant enough, I’d have preferred some chunkier veg as it was almost closer to a dhaal but the spicing was nice with a depth and gentle background warmth. My friends has some grilled lamb reporting that it was perfectly nice but a touch overcooked.


Momos – Burra-Khana – Nottingham


A disappointing evening was not helped by service, a bit slow with staff having to switch between the American and Indian restaurants. We also were meant to have an item removed from the bill that they had run out of but the bill came with it still on. When we pointed it our we had to wait some time for them to change it as only one member of staff could alter the bill. With so many great Indian restaurants in Nottingham I struggle to make a case for why you would visit Burra-Khana.



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