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My first “revisit” was quite a success with the Pelican Club more than doubling the score I had originally given it. Another restaurant where I had a disappointing first meal was the Calcutta Club. My disappointment originally, combined with Nottingham’s abundance of good Indian restaurants meant I hadn’t returned for a couple of years. Yes, it is on Maid Marian way, of course it is. It makes a themed effort that does distinguish it somewhat from the competition. They do away with the modern stylings of their neighbours and instead opt for the opulence of the British Raj. It’s certainly a little different which is refreshing enough in a saturated market.

If you have read a few of my posts on Indian restaurants you know I love a mixed grill. Favourite examples are The Cumin and Desi Downtown if you are interested. Here the closest you will get is a lamb, chicken or vegetable platter. The sheep selection sounded the most appealing, and was relatively attractive following the kitchen faffing about with some vegetables in a fancy way. What I really longed for though was a sizzling plate with the meat on top of a pile of onions! The lamb was nice enough but really lacked any diversity, the Anghari Boti was the most flavoursome of the 3 pieces. It also could have benefited from a different sauce rather than a stock mint yoghurt.


Lamb Platter - Calcutta Club - Nottingham

Lamb Platter – Calcutta Club – Nottingham


Main course was leagues ahead of the shocking Nihari that I had had previously. Beef and potato madras had a deep rich gravy with really good warmth of spicing. A really good curry. The meat did let the side down a little, the beef was overcooked. I even shared some with a friend who corroborated my evidence…he thought I was being fussy. Me? Honestly.


Beef & Potato Madras - Calcutta Club - Nottingham

Beef & Potato Madras – Calcutta Club – Nottingham


So there certainly is some good Indian cooking here. I am pleased to say my initial visit must have been an aberration as a number of other people have also sad good things about Calcutta Club. The service is strong with a front of house team led by a former owner of Memsaab. That said for a good but not excellent meal the bill does add up. £6.70 for the starter and £16.50 for my madras (including rice) is on a par with Memsaab but a couple of pounds more than my favourites Cumin or Curry Lounge.


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