Dosa & Chutney – Indian – Nottingham


Dosa & Chutney is where Timeout Cafe used to be, above the shops on Wheeler Gate with a hallway entrance before you head up some stairs to the restaurant. The actual dining area is compact but open with a dozen tables, a few of which are slightly raised and looking over the street below. Their menu is influenced by Southern India, hence the prevalence of those Dosas. It also means its great for vegetarians and lighter options which are a focus of cuisine from the South.


Onion Dosa - Dosa & Chutney - Nottingham

Onion Dosa – Dosa & Chutney – Nottingham


Its certainly the biggest menu of the famous pancake I’ve seen having counted almost 25 different dosa options! At a glance I decided to go for the a basic “onion dosa” which seemed very reasonable at £4.95. It arrived on a plastic tray that was definitely function over style but did ensure the accompaniments looked vibrant against its white background. The pancake itself was well made, thin and crispy in parts and more substantial and chewy in others. The filling was simply some barely cooked onion, I had thought I might get a bit more but at less than £5 I still wasn’t complaining. The chutneys were all good too, the best of which was actually closer to a fragrant vegetable curry.


Pepper Chicken Curry - Dosa & Chutney - Nottingham

Pepper Chicken Curry – Dosa & Chutney – Nottingham


A dosa could be a filling enough meal for anyone on its own but I decided to share a main with a friend so as not to miss out on trying something else. Pepper chicken curry was thick and luxurious with a depth and warm my flavour rather than any serious heat as the menu had advertised. Across a couple of visits here I have yet to be disappointed, it lacks a bit of the finesse and comfort of the local competition but is somewhat cheaper than most. The chicken curry was £8.95, £3-4 less than the likes of the more premium places on Maid Marian Way which, along with the interesting range of food, may well mean this becomes a regular destination for me.


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